What We Do

The space between where you currently are and where your dreams lie, can be full of obstacles. We are here to help you build bridges.

Our name, Bridges, reflects the way we see our role: to help you cross the chasm between where you currently are and where you want to be.

We are here to provide the building blocks, the right tools, insight and support, to help you build your own bridges and get to where you want to be in life. Equipped with the right skillset and understanding you will feel more confident and in control and ready to finally deal with whatever has been holding you back.

We use a variety of therapies to help you.

Our body often manifests mental distress through physical symptoms. When you are able to connect with and address the mental issues you can often make the physical manifestations go away. We help our clients familiarise themselves with their body’s reactions, to address mental manifestations. Through different therapies we work to relieve mental distress, and in turn cope with the physical manifestations.

Working on the physical symptoms can often help us deal with stress related situations. Focusing on teaching our body systems to relax and to calm in the face of perceived threats and fears.

Our goal is to help you create a protected space, a bridge, to connect with your fears. To deal with new threatening situations in productive ways.

We help parents, experienced and new to bridge the generation gap and create meaningful connections. A bridge is a meeting place, a possibility. We offer a safe place where parents and children can meet each other, either in person or through shared, improved understanding. We aim to help create a place of meeting where both your needs and your child needs are met. Specifically in the context of cultural differences and living in an adoptive country, generation differences are magnified and can be huge sources of conflict and stress that impact children’s and teen behaviour and success in school as well as within the family.

We offer consultations in English as well as in Hebrew, and hold a special interest in providing therapy that takes cultural perspectives into account. We often help our clients translate difficulties that originate in part from a feeling of ‘foreignness’ in a new environment, a new education system and the need to deal with what is often experienced as a culture clash.

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