Depression has a long history and is experienced by much of the general population at some point in their lives. Depression is a condition that can often be debilitating, putting a strain on work and familial relationships, as well as friendships and relationships. Whether you have been struggling with depression for a long time or are experiencing low moods as the result of a change in life circumstances, the professionals at Bridges Therapy Centre in Canary Wharf and Hendon are here to help you get back on your feet. With depression it can seem hopeless, but we know that isn’t the case.

Depression is often categorised by showing several the following symptoms:

·       Prolonged low moods

·       A sense of unreality

·       No confidence or self-esteem

·       Hopelessness and despair

·       Loss of sex drive

·       Changes in appetite

·       Suicidal thoughts

·       Withdrawal from normally pleasurable activities


How do we treat depression?

At Bridges Therapy Centre in Canary Wharf and Hendon, we are able to treat depression using a variety of evidence-based therapies including counselling and talking therapies such as CBT, ACT, and SFT. Our sessions are tailored to each person we meet ensuring these sessions are centred around the best possible outcome for you as an individual. If you are struggling with depression, reach out today, and start your journey to recovery with Bridges Therapy Centre.


Other conditions treated

Other conditions which are commonly treated by our dedicated professionals include anxiety, stress, and OCD. Each condition our team treats is done so with the same passion, vigour, and person-centred ethos.


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