Are you struggling with general life concerns, depression, or anxiety? You may benefit from seeking help from the professionals at Bridges Therapy Centre. Our team provide a plethora of therapies, including counselling at our Canary Wharf and Hendon clinics.

With roots in Ancient Greek practice, counselling is best attributed to Sigmund Freud. His work was then built on by Carl Rogers, responsible for the person-centred approach that we use today. Counselling is suitable for tackling several mental health conditions and is widely utilised.

Other Therapies
As touched upon, we offer a range of other therapeutic models such as EMDR, CBT, ACT, and SFT. We also offer online sessions for those that would be unable to make it in person. All our therapies are delivered with the same level of care in mind and same exceptional dedication to quality.

Our Team
Our team is comprised of psychologists and psychotherapists dedicated to the improvement of individuals mental wellbeing in their areas. Specialising in the treatment of depression, anxiety, phobias, and more, our team is headed by Amir Oren.

Bridges Therapy Centre
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