Often, talk based therapy such as CBT and counselling involves in-depth discussions about an individual’s specific problems. While talking therapies such as these are incredibly helpful to most, sometimes an alternative approach may be needed. First developed in the 1970s, Solution Focused Therapy (also known as SFT or SFBT) is a form of psychotherapy that concentrates on the future, helping individuals to recognise and use their strengths in order to achieve their goals. Here at Bridges Therapy Centre in Central London, Canary Wharf and Hendon, our team of practitioners are experts in providing SFT to treat a range of conditions.

How does SFT Work?

SFT is centred around ‘problem free talk’. During each therapy session, you will be encouraged to discuss the positive things in your life, as well as the things that may not be working. This can help you to create a more balanced perspective, instead of a solely negative viewpoint. In comparison to other talk therapies where your past is analysed, SFT is future based. Our SFT therapy will only look to the past to remember previously positive times in your life, that can help with your future. This will highlight the skills that you already have within you, which can be applied in the present to help you to create a better future.

Which Conditions Can SFT Help?

As an evidence-based therapy, SFT is effective in the treatment of a variety of stress-related and compulsive based conditions, including depression, OCD, PTSD and anxiety. Solution Focused Therapy can be incredibly useful for sufferers of these conditions who wish to not focus too much on their past or problems, and would like their therapy to be uplifting and positive. Our expert team will carry out an initial consultation and discuss your needs, to determine whether SFT is something that could benefit you and your condition.

Step Towards a Positive Future

For further information about our SFT therapy in London, please contact us today by calling 02080884818 or emailing info@bridgestherapycentre.com. Our highly qualified team of therapists are committed to delivering results and helping you to step towards a more positive future.