Everybody has days when they feel down about the way that they look. But when do these negative feelings become a deeper problem? Body Dysmorphic Disorder, also known as BDD, is an anxiety condition that causes sufferers to develop obsessive compulsive behaviour in regard to their physical appearance. BDD can affect people of any age, but is most commonly found amongst young adults. Here at Bridges Therapy Centre, we help those struggling with Body Dysmorphic Disorder in London, Hendon and Canary Wharf to minimise negative thoughts and improve their attitude towards their appearance.

What are the Signs of BDD?

Whether it’s scarring, acne or body weight issues, it’s common for people to feel negatively towards some aspect of their appearance. The constant stream of photos on social media can influence people in wanting to look a certain way, which then can lead them to seek changes to their image. Body Dysmorphic Disorder is when these negative feelings and body alterations become obsessive behaviour. Signs of BDD can include using clothing or posture to hide perceived flaws, obsessively looking in, or alternatively avoiding mirrors, picking at skin, and in extreme cases, avoiding being seen in public. The condition is also closely linked to eating disorders, as those with BDD can also develop problems with eating.

Therapy for Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Although it’s rare for people notice flaws as much as we do ourselves, sufferers of BDD have great difficulty letting go of them, requiring therapy to help them to change their thought patterns. At Bridges Therapy Centre, our approach to treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder begins with assessment of your specific symptoms. Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), our therapists strive to enable sufferers to develop more flexible thinking patterns and reduce compulsive behaviours.

Contact Us About BDD

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