For deep-seated and long-lasting phobias, it can sometimes be hard to think that a solution can be found. A reluctance to try exposure therapy can result in sufferers from shying away from treatment, afraid of having to face their fears. However, new developments in technology mean that there is a different solution – Virtual Reality Therapy. At Bridges Therapy Centre, we use the cutting-edge tech found in VR therapy to help our patients to get past their phobias, so they can live a more fulfilled life.

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy has long been a successful approach to enable people to overcome their phobias. By experiencing them in a controlled and small dose, the method helps sufferers to gradually confront and conquer their fears. However, classic exposure therapy is not always logistically possible, especially in the case of phobias that are difficult to experience, such as flying. Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy here at Bridges allows people to work through their fears in a realistic environment, without needing to leave the safety of our therapy rooms. Despite knowing that the virtual reality program isn’t real, there is still more than enough realism present to trigger emotional responses to phobias.

Benefits of VR Exposure Therapy

In addition to VR therapy offering realism without travelling to real-life , there are a whole host of other benefits to the approach, including:

·       Reduced anxiety in comparison to real-life exposure.

·       The private setting of Virtual Reality Therapy, meaning there is no embarrassment of becoming upset in public.

·       Being able to experience phobias without taking the time to travel to a specific location.

Our highly qualified therapists will always carefully control the situation, meaning that it can be stopped at any time for those in complete distress.

VR Therapy at Bridges

At Bridges Therapy Centre, we believe that our Virtual Reality Therapy here in London, Hendon and Canary Wharf is a complementary tool that goes hand in hand with talking therapies such as CBT. Our counsellors and therapists work with patients to help them to recognise the thoughts that lead to their fears, whilst working through their specific triggers.

Speak to one of our highly qualified team today to learn more about how VR Therapy can help you to overcome your phobias. Contact us on 02080884818 or email