When we lose someone or something important in our lives, it is never easy to accept. The bereavement process that follows can be extremely difficult to navigate, with overwhelming feelings of despair and sadness. Here at Bridges Therapy Centre, we’re here to help you to understand your grief, offering Loss and Bereavement counselling with our experienced team of therapists. Although they bring similar impacts to our lives and can often overlap, loss and bereavement are two different things – and recognising the difference can help towards coming to terms with suffering.

Loss vs Bereavement

Loss is a feeling that many people experience on a more frequent basis in their lives, and is not tied to death, but when you lose something else significant in your life. These losses could include your relationship, your job, your home, a friend who has moved away or even a pet who has gone missing.

The difference between loss and bereavement is that the latter occurs when a loved one or somebody close to us passes away. It is important to recognise that each person experiencing loss or bereavement will experience grief in their own way, with reactions ranging from depression and anger to indifference and jealousy. Both loss and bereavement can be equally devastating, and can require counselling and therapy to help.

Therapy for Loss and Bereavement

Although experiencing loss and bereavement is a common part of life, help should always be sought if you are struggling. Here at Bridges Therapy Centre in Hendon and Canary Wharf, our team of experienced therapists and counsellors are here to help. Our loss and bereavement therapy will begin with an assessment of your situation and your grief so far. We can then employ a range of talking therapies to suit your needs, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), CBT, Counselling, and many more.

Contact Our Grief Professionals

If you are struggling to deal with loss or bereavement, contact our caring team of therapists today. Call us on 02080884818 or email info@bridgestherapycentre.com to hear more about how our therapy can help you.