As sufferers of deep-rooted phobias know, the anxiety that these issues generate can be debilitating. By exposing patients to their fears in a controlled setting, Virtual Reality Therapy is a proven therapy technique that is offered by our team of professionals here at Bridges Therapy Centre. Using the advanced technology provided by Amelia Virtual Care, we can reproduce real-life scenarios on VR headsets, adapting and controlling each environment to meet individual needs. With over three decades of scientific research proving the effectiveness of VR therapy, here we’ve listed the range of the benefits to our virtual reality services:

1.       Lowered anxiety for individuals.

For those who may be too anxious to experience their phobia in real-time, virtual reality therapy provides the option of working through fears in the comfort of our clinics, or at home.

2.       Improved confidentiality.

Without the need to experience phobias in real life, the potential embarrassment of becoming distressed in a public area is removed.

3.       Logistically quicker and easier.

As VR technology allows patients to access therapy from our clinics, it is much more time convenient than needing to visit locations. Additionally, the Amelia Virtual Care app means that our therapists are also able to offer remote VR therapy in the comfort of your own home.

4.       A range of realistic scenarios.

VR therapy is almost as realistic as the real thing, with a range of different scenarios available including flying, public speaking, and heights.

5.       Easily controlled by your therapist.

In the case that you become overwhelmed or upset during virtual reality therapy, our therapists are easily able to stop the program, to prevent prolonged distress.

Begin VR Therapy with Our Psychologists

To learn more about virtual reality therapy, either in our clinics or at home, contact our team of therapists today. Call us on 02080884818, or email to learn how we can help your phobia or anxieties.