For those suffering from mental health issues, acknowledging and reaching out for help can be a difficult step to take – whether for yourself or for a family member. Fortunately, our experienced Hebrew speaking therapists at Bridges Therapy Centre offer a range of therapies in both Hebrew and English, making it easy for those within the Jewish community to seek help. Established by health psychologist Amir Oren, our team each have their own distinct specialism, and are able to treat a variety of conditions with insight and compassion.

Hebrew Speaking Therapists

With extensive experience working for psychology services in Israel, our psychotherapists are adept at providing counselling and therapy in Hebrew, or simply incorporating Hebrew into therapy sessions. In addition to providing therapies such as CBT and EMDR therapy from our clinics in London, we also offer online Hebrew therapy. Our goal is to help adults, children and adolescents from Jewish communities to overcome life’s obstacles with newly learned tools, skills and coping mechanisms.

Individualised Therapies in Hebrew

From your initial point of consultation, we will work to assess your or your child’s individual needs, before creating a personalised treatment plan. The counselling and therapies that we provide in Hebrew enables us to treat a variety of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, stress, phobias, loss & bereavement, chronic illness, trauma, low self-esteem, selective mutism, body dysmorphic disorder, and OCD. Additionally, we offer Hebrew family therapy for those requiring this.

Speak to Our Jewish Therapists

For more information about the range of therapies that our team of therapists offer in Hebrew, simply contact us today. Call us on 02080884818 or email