Stress is a key aspect of life that everybody experiences at some point, which can seldom be prevented. How we react to stressful situations and control our feelings is connected to our emotional regulatory systems, and can be affected by the impact that early life experiences have on us. Here at Bridges Therapy Centre, our dedicated therapists in London provide Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), with the purpose of promoting mental wellbeing by encouraging individuals to be more compassionate towards themselves.

The Theory Behind CFT Therapy

An as evidence-based approach, CFT was developed to help those with heightened levels of shame and self-criticism. The theory is that these individuals may have received too much stimulation of their response system to threat during early life, and not enough of their soothing regulatory system. These insecure feelings can cause an inability to cope with stresses, affecting their ability to function effectively within work and in relationships. Our experienced therapists offer Compassion Focused Therapy with the aim of helping people to view themselves in a more compassionate way – leading to a calmer, more content way of life.

Who Can CFT Help?

Overwhelming feelings of shame and self-deprecation can have a hugely negative impact on the life of an individual, triggering a range of mental health issues. Combining aspects of social, evolutionary, and developmental psychology with Buddhist philosophies, CFT therapy is designed to help those with anxiety, depression, personality disorders or general low self-esteem. From our comfortable clinics, our CFT therapists in London help individuals to become more aware of the powerful connection between mind and body.

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