The use of virtual reality technologies has exploded in the past few years. From theme park rides to at-home gaming, VR has the capability to enrich a variety of experiences. But for individuals struggling with phobias or anxiety disorders, virtual reality technologies are also extremely helpful, as a revolutionary tool for exposure therapy. Here at Bridges Therapy Centre, our team provide virtual reality therapy for those with a range of phobias or anxieties, helping them to eradicate or neutralise their reactions to specific triggers – without having to face them in real life.

Why Choose Virtual Reality Therapy?

Although real-life exposure therapy is a commonly used technique for anxiety and phobia sufferers, they can be too intense for many who are not comfortable in facing their fears. Virtual reality therapy offers a more controlled option to exposure therapy, where you are instead placed in a computer-generated world with various phobia-related stimuli. This takes place in a comfortable environment that suits each person, either in our London clinics or from your own home. Through the practice of different cognitive techniques, our patients learn to cope with their fears, in a safe and supported environment.

Can VR Substitute Real Life Experiences?

There have been a range of studies which show that virtual reality exposure therapy can trigger similar bodily responses to traditional in-vivo exposure. This means that individuals can navigate through their phobias within an artificial 3D environment, with the brain reacting as if the situation was happening in real life. Combined with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), VR therapy can be extremely effective, and enables our therapists to teach appropriate techniques for dealing with situations – all of which can be practiced in the comfort of our clinic or at home.

Enquire About Virtual Reality Therapy

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