Depression can affect anyone of any age and is one of the most common conditions in the general population, with everyone experiencing a bout of it at least once in their lives. Whether depression is an ongoing condition that you must battle with every day or is fleeting low moods as a result of some life changes that need to be dealt with, our depression counselling in London can help you to overcome the difficulties that depression can bring. 

Feeling sad, miserable, down, or unmotivated can be more than just an emotional feeling and can start to impact everyday tasks, relationships, and overall functionality. If left untreated, it can start to result in poor work performance, difficulty finding fulfilment in day-to-day tasks and friendships becoming strained.

Depression symptoms can include:

  • Feeling sad, upset or unhappy
  • Lack of motivation, enthusiasm and pleasure
  • Difficulties in concentration
  • Pessimism, negative thoughts or crying
  • Sleep problems such as waking too early or insomnia
  • Withdrawal from normally pleasurable activities
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Changes in appetite
  • Suicidal thoughts
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Overcoming Depression

At Bridges Therapy Centre our team of therapists can provide counselling for depression in London and a variety of talking therapies to help you to understand your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions and employ coping mechanisms. Working collaboratively with you, we will help you to develop tools that can help you to manage depression and low mood that can be used outside of therapy and in the future if you start to relapse.


How We Can Help

Each case of depression is different which is why our therapists in London spend time getting to understand your goals so that we can tailor our approach to your needs and get you on the most effective road to recovery. Our team use a range of approaches including CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness and EMDR. Everyone will require a different number of sessions and a different approach to their treatment for depression.


Contact Us

If you are suffering with depression and low mood and would like to discuss your options, please contact our team for a free 15 minute informal consultation with one of our therapists.


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