Hebrew Speaking Therapists

Here at Bridges Therapy Centre, our team of experienced therapists and psychologists are able to provide a variety of therapies in Hebrew and English. Working together with each individual or family, we can ensure that you get the help you need, overcoming challenges, and meeting your therapy goals using our insight, skills and compassion. If you are searching for a Jewish therapist who can understand your unique needs, look no further than our expert team of Hebrew speaking psychotherapists at Bridges. 

Hebrew Therapy for a Range of Issues

Whichever struggles you may have, our range of Hebrew psychotherapy services in London can help with a diverse selection of issues. Whether you require Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for conditions such as depression and anxiety, or require focused Virtual Reality Therapy or EMDR therapy to overcome a debilitating phobia, our professionals are experienced to deal with a wide range of problems. Additionally, we can provide Hebrew family therapy and individual counselling for those needing support for life concerns.

Therapy in Hebrew

After spending time working for a variety of psychology services in Israel, our team of therapists are able to provide therapy in Hebrew, or incorporate Hebrew into therapy sessions. From our clinics in Central London, Canary Wharf and Hendon, our Hebrew psychotherapists can enable you to have a deeper understanding of your condition, as well as teaching you helpful coping mechanisms and giving guidance and support along the way.

Contact Our Jewish Psychologists

To begin your journey with our compassionate team here of therapists, contact us today. Email info@bridgestherapycentre.com or call us on 02080884818.

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