Early Intervention

In every child’s life, there are distinctive milestones which mark the expected progress of growth in aspects such as speech and motor skills. However, some children may experience a slower pace of achieving these milestones when compared to their peers – referred to as developmental delays. At Bridges Therapy Centre, we understand the importance of early interventions for developmental delays. Our therapist Shira Barkan-Tal specialises in providing comprehensive support to children and their families to address developmental challenges proactively.

Developmental delays can manifest in various areas, including:

  • Speech and language
  • Motor skills
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Social-emotional development

Identifying these delays early on is crucial for implementing effective interventions and maximising a child’s potential – impacting on their overall wellbeing and future success.

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Early Intervention for Developmental Delays

Our early interventions begin by conducting thorough assessments to identify the specific areas of developmental delay. These assessments provide valuable insights into the child’s strengths and challenges. Once the assessments are complete, our team will design an intervention plan that integrates various therapeutic modalities. These may include play therapy, speech and language therapy, sensory integration techniques, and social skills training. The goal is to foster a holistic and well-rounded developmental progress.


Developmental Delays London

Regular monitoring and assessment allow us to track each child’s progress, and make necessary adjustments to the intervention plan. This dynamic approach ensures that our developmental interventions evolve, alongside the child’s changing needs. By addressing developmental delays promptly, we can help children to build essential skills, fostering independence and resilience.


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