Relationship Counselling

Relationships can be complicated and sometimes tricky to navigate, with issues that stem from a range of areas. Whether your difficulties are caused by infidelity, a lack of understanding, conflict, or individual attachment concerns, it’s important to work through these issues together within a supportive therapeutic space. At Bridges Therapy Centre, we offer relationship counselling in London, helping all types of couples to resolving past and current problems in order to strengthen their partnership.

With every relationship being different, there may be a number of reasons why you are seeking couples counselling or marriage counselling. Whatever your reasoning, we aim to help you and your partner to:


  • Improve effective communication
  • Reduce stress within your relationship
  • Increase relationship security and confidence
  • Gain a greater understanding of each other’s feelings
  • Resolve any existing or past jealousy issues
  • Lead a more stable & secure life together.
relationship counselling

Couples Counselling

Relationship counselling is designed to helping you and your partner to identify and clarify the issues you are facing together. Within a supportive and non-judgmental environment, our specialist counsellors will help you to work through your difficulties, towards a commonly agreed goal or focus. Whether you are in a long-term marriage, or a newly established couple, counselling can support you through your tricky circumstances, or simply help you to understand each other better.


How We Can Help

As every relationship is different, our team at Bridges will first begin by establishing your issues and individual and joint aims. The support and guidance that our trained relationship counsellors in London offer can be key in repairing and improving your partnership, whatever your specific problems may be.


Contact Us

If you are looking to resolve your relationship with the help of one of our caring counsellors, please get in touch with our specialist team for a free 15 minute informal consultation.


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