Virtual Reality Therapy

Here at Bridges Therapy Centre, we are one of very few clinics in London offering virtual reality exposure therapy through the latest technology. For those struggling with situations that trigger a disproportionate or irrational fear response, or those who have a diagnosed anxiety disorder or phobias, VR therapy can help you understand the source of your fears. Our experienced therapists use high-tech headsets to place you in a three-dimensional world, specific to your fear or phobia. Through VR exposure to these fears, we can help you to gradually learn to eradicate or neutralise your reactions.

How Does VR Therapy Work?

Through the use of a special headset, virtual reality therapy places you in a computer-generated world, where you ‘experience’ the various stimuli related to your phobia. We will guide you as you move through a realistic three-dimensional world, related to your specific fear. Your therapist will be able to gradually adjust the level of exposure, to elicit increasingly higher levels of anxiety and monitor your physical reactions. Through the practice of various cognitive skills and techniques, you will learn to cope better with your fears, in a controlled environment, that is safe and supported.

At every step, the therapist can see and hear what you are experiencing in the virtual world. If the level of anxiety becomes overwhelming, they can adjust the virtual scenario to a less stressful level of treatment, or you can simply remove the head-mounted display and exit the virtual world.

What are the Benefits of VR Exposure Therapy?

The benefits of virtual reality therapy have been documented in scientific literature for more than 20 years. Combined with cognitive behaviour therapy it enables us to teach you techniques for dealing with triggering situations, and to practice them in the comfort of our clinic. VR therapy lets you navigate within an artificial 3D environment in real time and ‘tricks’ your brain to react as if you are experiencing the situation in real life. Repeated exposure therapy allows you to encode your emotional memory with the understanding that the triggering situation isn’t dangerous and thus controls your reaction to it.

Virtual reality is only one of our tools used for psychotherapy, and does not take away from the basis of traditional talking therapies. We use virtual reality exposure therapy as a complementary tool to help you build confidence in triggering situations.

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