As the school year begins again, young children across the country are heading to the classroom for the first time. But although many children will be confident in their new setting, it can be extremely difficult for others to adjust. The shift to being around lots of new people can trigger anxiety in some children, which presents itself in different ways – one of which being Selective Mutism. As a severe anxiety-based disorder, sufferers experience feelings of panic in select social situations and are unable to speak. If you believe your child has Selective Mutism, it can be difficult to know which steps to take in order to help. At Bridges Therapy Centre in London, our specialists provide therapy to help children suffering from selective mutism to move beyond their anxiety and be confident in speech.

Our Trained Professionals

Helping children to overcome Selective Mutism takes time and is wholly dependent on each individual. The first step to make is always to speak with a trained professional, who can diagnose the disorder and create a personalised plan for treatment. Here at Bridges Therapy Centre, our psychological therapist Michelle Gershoni is a specialist in the delivery of behavioural interventions for Selective Mutism. Her approach to CBT therapy is child-centred, as they are given positive reinforcement and gradually encouraged to move from silence to confident speech.

Therapy for Selective Mutism

Once your child has begun their therapy for selective mutism with us at Bridges, there are additional steps that you can take to support their journey. Often, the more you know about something, the easier it is to navigate through the issue, and the same can be said about Selective Mutism. It’s also important to make sure that other people are aware of what your child is going through, including extended relatives and teachers at school. As your child’s treatment progresses, our therapists will suggest opportunities for your them to practice socialising in increasingly difficult situations, at a level that is comfortable to them.

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If you would like more information about how we can help your child with Selective Mutism, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our trained professionals at Bridges Therapy Centre today. Email or call us on 02080884818.